If you want to watch TV episodes online for free without downloading, to watch free TV online even if you don’t have cable connection at home, or to watch and witness your favorite TV shows and full-length movies at the comfort of using your personal computer, then what you need is the world wide web. With a simple internet connection, you can gain access to numerous sites that list the best free online television out there.

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A number of sites allow people to watch free TV online. In fact, looking for a good site is slowly becoming much easier and faster. With people organizing and listing possible sites to watch, viewers can now pick for themselves a clear list of the best domains there is, at the quickest possible time.  The advantages of watching TV shows online is that networking your computer and television provides the most convenient sharing of multimedia images. It does not require connecting a digital camcorder or camera to the TV, plus you can make the necessary connections with the use of Windows, Mac, or Linux computers.

Some sites offer live streaming. . A variety of choices exist for moving video across a home network. Several digital media receivers (DMRs) that work with the Windows Media Connect file-sharing protocol are available. With this method, the software is integrated into the free Windows Media Player 11, and the video or DRM movie is streamed without violating the licenses. These systems work best over an Ethernet connection or a Wireless G or N connection whose speed is at least 54 megabits per second.

There’s also one of the easiest method of watching TV episodes online which is simply to plug it in. This method is easy because all you need to do in order to get your movies onto your television is to directly plug your computer into your set. Most computers come with video boards that output via S-video, digital video interface or DVI, or even high-definition multimedia interface or HDMI. Ensure that your television input matches your computer’s video output.

What you need to do is to simply hook it up, take the audio cable, plug the mini end into your laptop, and plug the red and white ends into the television set. If you choose to go wireless, then you can use a wireless converter. This device converts digital signal on your laptop into a format that your analog television can show. Going wireless saves spaces as your online videos get zapped to your TV.

Streaming and direct plugging in are two ways by which you can watch TV episodes online for free without downloading.

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